Dedicated post for my husband

On my 22th birthday four years ago, I was on the way to Phan Thiet to start my first job after graduating. During the journey, I was thinking so much about my life, my love, my family and my career path as well that who would I become in the future. With a simply thoughts of a young girl that time I just hoped that I would have a good job there and might find my own love. But things sometimes are not easy like our dream.


I stuck there with an unexpected job and a boring life for year, went work in the morning and returned to my tiny room lonely in the evening.

But somehow, God is always fair, he takes somthing from you then he will give you another. And it is true to me that he gave me a special man from another country. He was my boss who made me cry in the English interview. Different language, different culture, different country but there is nothing can stop us thinking about each other.


4 years later, I spent my brithday with that special man – my husband. Life is still so difficult for us but he always managed to arrange time to visit me. Only one week together, time flow so so so fast like the moment u close your eyes and open it right after that.


Me with my small bike took him to so many places in Saigon from shopping centers to food shops or coffee shops. Someone looked at me with the strange eyes that how can a skinny girl take a big man like him by that small bike or is she just a temporary girlfriend of the foreign tourist man? !? I don’t mind what people think, as long as we are happy together.


We enjoyed our time together to go shopping, eat nice Vietnamese foods, make funny crazy jokes at the cafe, go cinema or watch the funny Larva cartoon together. It sounds weird but the fact is Larva is really funny for you guys to watch with your partner. I will write more about some Vietnamese food we ate in next post.


I want to say thanks to my husband so much for visiting me on this special occasion, spending time doing funny silly things with me. I did enjoyed our laughters, our jokes, our kisses and hope we will be together soon for next birthday. My English might not good enough to express all my thoughts but I believe him can understand his wife without saying (right? !? 😛 )


Special thanks to my family, my in-laws family and my dear friends who always support us. Wish you all the best in life.

From Vietnam with love ❤


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