Exploring Vietnamese food with Rubysuperkhunggirl

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I will write a new post about Vietnamese food ( Saigon style).

In general, Vietnamese food is very simple, easy to cook – easy to eat, quite spicy and salty. Vietnamese food is also very healthy with many kind of vegetables and people here prefer fresh one than cooked one. For me, I can’t eat any meal without vegetables that my husband complain me I eat vegetables too much 😀

Talk about meat, people also like the meat mixed with bone so it doesn’t make us fed up with meat. Another interesting thing is we can use every part of the animal to make a delicious dish.


Well, as you know, my husband visited me last week and we were spending most of time for eating nice Vietnamese food ( pig couple :3). My husband used to work here for 2 years and he fell in love with the food especially street food. Sometimes, when he says he will visit me because he misses me but in deep of my mind I wondering if he really misses me or misses the food here ??? :P.

Here are some Vietnamese food ( Saigon style) we tried this time:

Grilled pork Vietnamese Vermicelli and fried roll

First day of the trip, I took him to eat Grilled pork Vietnamese Vermicelli, it is a special vermicelli mix with barbecue pork and vegetables. It is very common in Vietnam because it is cheap ( about $1,5 / bowl ) and easy to eat so you can find many small shops sell it in the corners on the streets in Saigon. The shop we chose also sell fried roll, so lucky that they just fried it so it was very hot when we eat. So nice <(^@^)>

bun thit nuong

This shop is on Bui Vien street, District 1


I don’t know how foreigners think about snails but the true is Vietnamese, especially girls do love eating snails. Normally, a snails shop sell many kind of snails, shells, oysters and other seafood. For us, it is just a snack, people don’t count it is a real dinner but because that day we ate quite much so it was still OK for us to survive that night :D. Vietnam has the sea, rivers, streams so that is why we have many kind of snails. For me, I do love steamed clams with lemon tree and sauteed ốc len with coconut ( I don’t know exactly the English name of this snail, scientific name is Cerithidea obtusa). 


For the meal, we spent about $5/ person.

Vietnamese barbecue 

This time I took him to a local barbecue shop quite far from the center (20-30 mins by bike). I am sure even the local people also don’t know much about it. Located at the end of Ba Hat street ( District 10), the shop is very simply with many tables displaying out on the road. The shop is quite busy so you should go early if you don’t want to sit inside the house and smell the smoke.


Must-try food in Vietnam


Some must-eat dishes here are octopus legs, beef roll, pig buds, frog and we ordered all of them haha. After grilling it, put the meat with sauce into your mouth. Wow ! Such a good feeling with hot meat and spicy sauce then drink a glass of cool beer. (OMG, my mouth are full of water now lol)

You better do not wear thick clothes and apply much make up because it will be so hot. But after that, driving bike will make your body cool soon so do not worry about it.

Vietnamese beefsteak 

What is different between Vietnamese beefsteak and Western beefsteak ? Hmm, in my opinion, first of all it is not much beef like Western style :D. Secondly, we mix it with eggs and other things. Thirdly, the taste is totally different, I think they changed to suit with Vietnamese taste. Last, we eat with breads and soy sauce.


It is about $3 per person

There are a lot of other food we ate such as rice paper salad recipe and chicken hotpot with leaves, some Hanoi food or Japanese food in Saigon. Most of the shops are quite near the center of the city and easy to find even for a lost-way-expert like me 😛

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you guys like it and you are welcome in Vietnam !

TGIF and enjoy your weekend !


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